4503 Sleaford Rd. House Fire
Stefan Ventura

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House Fire with Fire in the Attic. Quick Knock down by Box Alarm Units. RIT and Canteen were requested.

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4503sleafordrdfire_121607_0001 4503sleafordrdfire_121607_0003 4503sleafordrdfire_121607_0005 4503sleafordrdfire_121607_0007 4503sleafordrdfire_121607_0009
4503sleafordrdfire_121607_0012 4503sleafordrdfire_121607_0016 4503sleafordrdfire_121607_0021 4503sleafordrdfire_121607_0024 4503sleafordrdfire_121607_0028
4503sleafordrdfire_121607_0033 4503sleafordrdfire_121607_0038